Course 1: The Dip: Paradise, Hell, and Their Inhabitants - Course 2: Be Like a Sahabi: Understanding Islam from the 1st Generation
2 Course Bundle,
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THE DIP . . . Paradise, Hell, and Their Inhabitants (3 CREDITS)

When the books are sealed, everyone is resurrected, and the judgement begins, you will be questioned about all that you did. Where will your deeds take you?
Where will your final destination be? Brace yourself for The Dip, a journey to the hereafter that will make your heart experience firsthand the beauty of the gardens of Paradise as well as the wretchedness of the pits of Hell.


  • The reality of Paradise and Hell
  • Names of Hell and their meanings
  • Names of Paradise and their meanings
  • Levels of Paradise and Hell
  • Inhabitants of Paradise and Hell
  • How to get the intercession of Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him)
  • The fate of disbelievers in the Hereafter
  • Type of punishments in Hell
  • Type of rewards in Paradise
  • How to defeat our common enemy: The Shaytan
  • Examples of common erroneous beliefs regarding paradise and Hell
  • How to save yourself and others
  • And much more!

BE LIKE A SAHABI: Understanding Islam from the 1st Generation (3 CREDITS)

After preserving the revelation, Allah most graciously designed a model generation for this nation at the hands of His Messenger (Peace be Upon Him); the Sahabah (Companions). In this course, we will analyze what made them the ideal believers, the most successful generation, and the most flawless embodiment of Islam. We will learn how and why their approach to Islam must be replicated among us today.


  • The virtues of the Companions
  • Characteristics of the saved sect
  • Misguided sects
  • How the Companions preserved the religion
  • The faith of the companions
  • How the companions dealt with revelations
  • How the companions dealt with disagreements
  • The manners of the Companions
  • The Companions and hypocrisy
  • And much more!


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