Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Fiqh of Salah

Ongoing Course - 5 is 50 . . . Fiqh of Salah (4 CREDITS)

Is one-fifth of your prayer being accepted? Where do you put your hands after ruku’? Do men and women pray differently? Learn about every motion of the prayer with in-depth knowledge of its fiqh. Engage in live comparative fiqh discussions. Absorb the deep meanings of the words, du’aas, and dhikr used in prayer. Come out of this course confident about your prayer and enjoy living the words of the Prophet, “Pray as you have seen me pray.”

13 Thought-Provoking Classes taught by Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Purification of the Soul

Starting 6.9.19 - RIVERS THROUGH HEARTS: Fiqh of Purification (4 CREDITS)

Elevate your soul by taking this spiritual journey to purify your soul and heart.
The student will revive their iman by learning about what plagues and corrupts the heart and how to defend and cure the heart from such diseases.
The importance of the heart’s health supersedes physical health because spiritual well being has its effect in this world and the hereafter as well.

14 Thought-Provoking Classes taught by Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Fiqh of Purification

Starting 2.3.19 - CLEAN DEEN: Fiqh of Purification (4 CREDITS)

Become enlightened by your Faith through an in-depth study of the valid material for purification, the required cleansing processes, their nullifiers, and the required removal of impurities. This course will also cover the crucial notion of purity by studying the indispensable prerequisites of salah: purification of the body, clothes, and prayer area. Students will analyze classical texts expounding the Fiqh of Purification from Ibn Hajar's renowned work Bulugh al-Maram. The course will also present the differences of opinions by various jurists with an analysis of the reason for these variants.

14 Thought-Provoking Classes taught by Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh